Sorority Sister Sleuths: London Calling

A Romance/Mystery Visual Novel

Three recently graduated college co-eds, close friends who lived in the same sorority house at the University of Washington, embark on a summer-long trip across Europe, encountering mystery, intrigue, and romance at every destination.  First stop: London!

Our interactive visual novel allows you to choose from among three characters to play as, as well as two different mystery/romance scenarios to participate in.  Each story-driven episode features mini-games and puzzles to solve. And the choices and decisions you make at critical points in each story will affect the outcomes! 


Our characters:


Veronica – originally hailing from Chicago, Veronica is a 22-year-old Art History/Political Science double major.  Her father is a state legislator and her mother is superintendent of a Chicago suburb school district.  She has two younger twin brothers.  She has a background in ballet and drama, a brown belt in Tae-Kwan-do, and once served as a summer page in Washington, D.C. for her local congressman.








Anna – a 21 year-old Chemistry/Pre-Med graduate and San Diego native, Anna is the daughter of a military officer (Captain in the U.S. Marines) and a 2nd generation Japanese-American mother who works as a nurse at Scripps Memorial Hospital.  She is an only child, her older sister having died of leukemia while in her teens.  Anna has traveled extensively with her family as her father has been stationed at a number of military bases around the globe, most recently in South Korea during her middle school years.  She fences and is a skilled sharpshooter, thanks to the influence of her father.







Tatyana – a 22-year-old computer science graduate with a head for numbers, Tatyana was six when she and her single mother left Ukraine to start a new life in the Puget Sound region.  Also a star athlete, she swam and played water polo competitively while a student at the UW. Tatyana has an older long-lost sister with a dark background, thought to be living somewhere in Ukraine  This sister has been groomed by her father to take over the family business in the Eastern European mafia.





Romance/Mystery Scenarios for Episode One: London Calling

After selecting which of the Sleuths to play the game as, the player then makes another strategic choice, choosing among two options:

Choice A: Throw darts with Ian – if you accept his request to join him in a game of darts, you will meet Ian, an athletic man in his mid-twenties. Ian is a forward for Club Millwall in the English Football League (one level below the Premier League). Ian’s team is celebrating their most recent victory in the Football League Championship play-offs.  He invites you to meet him for breakfast the next morning, but upon arriving at his flat you are greeted with the sight of police banging on his front door.  Ian has been accused of stealing the trophy and arrested by the police.  His incarceration means that he won’t be able eligible for the upcoming play-off contest against the leading team.  It’s up to you and your fellow Sisters to prove Ian’s innocence and determine the real culprit so that Ian can play in the big championship game!

Choice B: Dance with Gordon – if you accept his request for a dance, you will meet Gordon, a ruggedly handsome man in his late twenties.  Gordon is a K-9 dog handler for the London police department.  Beowulf, one of the department’s Malinois Belgian Shepards has just been retired from active duty, and is now living with Gordon.  You agree to visit Gordon’s flat to meet his canine cohort, but during a morning walk through Battersea Park the canine collapses, the victim of a poisoning attempt.  A speedy trip to the animal hospital insures that the animal will recover, but it’s up to you and your fellow Sisters to join forces with Gordon to investigate the suspects who might have motive to the police dog permanently retired and determine the culprit behind Beowulf’s poisoning!


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